Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sarah's Movie Squawk Box Poop Shoot

Alright. alright I'm already over it.
Charlyne Yi. Get out of here. Get girl. Underrepresented and unloved my patootie. I don't feel bad for you. Not in the least. I can do the same as you accept wearing glasses, pants and no make up is not comfortable for my large and freakishly shaped body.
Isn't life just soooooo easy for you nerdy asian girls with bad vision?
Oh and who was the genius who decided to put Weezer in the Paper Hearts soundtrack ? That's truly Groundbreaking says the grumpy Troll. Yep it's all very sweet. bla bla bla. I think i'll acquire my cavities the old fashioned way by drinking lots and lots of soda. thank you very much.

Yeah ok well maybe i am going to go see the fictional documentary. Maybe by myself.
Hey me being a dateless wonder has nothing to do with being a cranky b. I'm sure It's because i'm tall and just Caucasian. To the nice guys in this town that's the equivalent to having the mouth herpes or something. : 9
It would be different if i was a man. I'd have it made. The world would be my opium den. I'd have ethnic bitches all up on my ish.


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