Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tardy for the Party FTW

I am being totally Rhea Listic when I say that this is my favorite Tardy For The Party rucka rucka REMIX.
I have viewed this youtube gem more than 16 time. The subtle nuances of Rhea listic's mix just resonate with me so much so that I even play the video for background sound. You know when I'm doing other thing such as brushing my teeth, cleaning the cat box and febreezing my gym sneakers. Mostley when plucking my mustache. Thanks Rhea Listic. You go gurl !

Rhea Listic's youtube


Price Is Right Hella

Yea we went on The Price Is Right. Don't be jealous. We ended up going in with a group of housewives from Texas. One of our new friends named Judy totally threw it down and won pretty much everything. We're talking a ski boat and a car..even one of those giant high heel shoe chairs that drag queens love. It was da bomb ya'll. Especially the part when Drew Carry talked about cocaine. Oh and the jumping up and down next to some scuba gear part.
Yep sometimes you just have to go on game shows. This is gd America.

We did it (again)

Check out our superior Halloween Costumes. Sorry all y'all lady Gaga's. Maybe next year.
Consider trying a little bit harder.