Friday, July 31, 2009

Whoopi Ted Danson

Is what you can google image search in order to find these gems. I have to say Ted. Fire your historical make up artist. (unless he's in the union)
4 realz dough. I could do a better job with an oreo and a q-tip.

Oh web. No worries. I still think you're the best

* Sarah

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More To Love FAIL

Mama is so embarrassed about the new fatty reality show trend. Uh More To Love ? it's not only the sleeveless cocktail attire that bothers me but god dayum. These ladies are fighting for attention..just like in real life. Come on Pleez?.... I'm sad about it. And the guy who is the prize is a Big beautiful male fraud.
I feel the fat dance show at least has more dignity even. i'm not just saying this because I was rejected by More To Love when i auditioned.
Uh also there is not one chocolate flavored plus size in the selection of plumper ladies. uh? whutz up wit that ? hello that's like making s'mores without the marshmallow.
mmmmmm s'mores

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mad Dogs of Summer

Ah Yes there have been some rifts in the Ohhai Empire. The Summer heat has turned each of us upside down. Please enjoy this picture of my troll collection while I attempt to wrangle the team back in for some good ol Oh Hai LOLZ. Remember we are humans just like youz guys. We have lapses of judgement. We lie to each other to get our way and we even lock our keys in the car on occasion just like your Nanna does. Embarrassing but true. More junk coming real soon from the Oh hai team i promise.
It must be the Heat

: ) Sarah

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Life as we know it

Well the past week has been quite a challenge. We here at Oh Hai Vintage are heart broken over the passing of legend Micheal Jackson. We are crippled with sadness and have been unable to focus on anything non MJ related. Please pray to baby Jesus that the angels will come down from heaven and kiss our cheeks with blessings. God speed those emails from the staples center memorial Lottery telling us we have been chosen for Tuesdays viewing.