Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The web has a lot of cat themed music videos, but you know I have discriminating tastes. I'm not just gonna put up any old cat video on this blog. Not here. You deserve better then that. So enjoy this video titled YOU and luxuriate in your web chair, satisfied with the knowledge you are looking at the finest cat music video the whole Internet has to offer.


Late Night Monkey

Leave it to the Japanese to make the sweetest talk show ever. Its hosted by monkeys, how can it not be the best? The thing about monkeys is that they are direct. If you give them a cigarette, they smoke it. Give them a talk show, they grab boobs. Its to the point, and I can appreciate that.


Oh Dats Nice

If I am ever fortunate enough to have a lawn I'm not gonna decorate it with racist little jockey statues, gnomes or pink flamingos (well not JUST those). I'm gonna also make sure I have a bunch of zombies in there to look sweet, and they will help keep the slugs off my marigold plants.
via the sweet things at Toscano home and garden via neatorama

Cat Rock

This cat either has something in his ear, or he is really feeling the music of Jeff Hanneman, Dave Lombardo and Kerry King- otherwise known as mother effing Slayer. And can you blame him? What music better to express his cat rage at the world. Eminem maybe. Its possible more cats love Metal but unfortunately most cat owners probably aren't playing it. Cats are much more likely to hear their people playing Tracy Chapman, Alanis Morissette and Celine Dion (the male cat owners).


Monday, March 30, 2009

Gurl It's Official !

David's coming to the La offices for official OhHai bixness !
Listen we have to stick to our diets please (with the exception of my beer drinking of course)


Who Is My Father?

When I saw the sweet drawings by artist Daniel Johnson I had to judge them. You bet the work was mad sweet but I was sure he would be some ultimate Connor Oberst faced guy, and who needs another one of those? Nobody does. Thank G-d I was wrong. That is him above. Obviously things just got a whole lot sweeter. He looks like me, mixed with Don Vito (remember from the Bam Margera show). Daniel Johnson's work is what some people call Outsider Art. I call it my favorite kind of art (along with Folk Art).
He has just put out a book of his sweet work. Its no wonder that his drawings are selling for big bucks on Ebay.
via Nylon


I am a sympathetic person, if someone is in pain, I feel that pain. This translates into me being a sympathetic vomiter. I can't help it, it runs in my family. When I was little I remember my mom was sick in bed with a cold and I saw a bowl of vomit beside her bed. That sent me blowing chunks immediately, and then- sympathetic mom, barfed all over herself. Seriously it was barf everywhere. And removing the barfed on clothes, you can bet that made everyone dry heave (we were all barfed out at that point thankfully).

Hopefully you have a strong stomach to watch BWE.tv's list of the top 11 cat barf videos of all time.


Spring Thingz

Cleanin Up

Its already almost April. There is no buts about it, it is Spring cleaning time! My room is kind of like a time capsule, and each layer of junk is telling a story. Oh here is the CD I borrowed from someone at work, guess he isn't getting that back. Under that are a bunch of ATM receipts from Augest, see its important to keep documents like these. And not far away I found a teeny beanie baby, after checking Ebay I found it has a resale value of $1.50! It is important to keep organized. I am even cleaning up my computer, I suggest you do the same.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Guest Blog: Get Back From Me!- By Angry Goose

Editor Note: Every once and a while we like to open the blog to reflect a point of view that you may not see in other places. So when Angry Goose reached out to us and asked to do a Guest Column, we happily agreed.

People do not fear us geese enough, I can tell you that right now. I mean... I'm not saying you guys need to run from us all the time. But can you keep your distance? Do not come traipsing through the park like you own the place. Especially if you see there is a ton of us- we are just chillin and we do not want you comin up in the mix. OK? So you brought bread? You think that means you can hang with us? I don't care if the ducks wanna eat out of your hand, you try that s- with us or the swans, you WILL get owned. Period. If you want, why don't you just throw that bread and leave? We will not hesitate to attack your butt. Grandma's, little kids, dogs, seriously we do not care, we will come after you. No joke. There is a reason there are over 700 videos on YouTube with the words 'Geese' and 'attack'. Next time you see a bunch of us just go the other way. I think I speak for all geese when I say we do not want.
-Angry Goose

Dog Rape, NO means NO

It looks like animals were doing mad cool things even before the internet was invented.


Saturday, March 28, 2009


Also nothing wrong with treating yourself to a nice bath (though some bubbles might be nice).

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Cat Whisperer

Touching a cat I guess is a lot like touching a lady. Can I touch there? Is she pissed? You gotta find out where the boundaries are. If she won't let you touch her no where, then the best thing to do is grab just her by the back of the neck, wrap her in a towel and touch her body anywhere you want.


I'm Going Down

Honestly I wish these police would come by my neighborhood and start cracking down on the costumed population around here. There is a giant Subway sandwich man who is just flinging his 5 dollar foot long flyers all over the street. There is also a chicken outside of the Chicken House on 14th street. he needs to go to jail due to the way he is always squawking and dancing in the middle of the sidewalk. HELLO, people are trying to walk.

Lion Around the Savannah

These lions don't look so tough after all. Im not scared of them. Who was it anyway that started the rumor that lions are the bad ass kings of the jungle? Its bologna if you ask me. I saw The Lion king, those lions NEVER ONCE even killed an animal, so where is this tough guy reputation coming from? I'd like to see how long a lion lasts on the mean streets of Detroit, probably not very long.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

"She's A Talker"- Gay Man

There exists a special bond between a homo and his pet, it might be because gay men are mostly single, maybe because us gays have such sensitive natures we can communicate with animals more then other people, or cuz animals are an easy object onto which we can project the love no other person will accept. Whatever it is its profound, and though this video is staged its an example of cat love at its finest. That in mind, I need a pet. I think I am going fish shopping this weekend, of course I will keep the blog updated.

via Videogum


You Dropped A Bomb On Me

Dogs love to smell butts and they even sometimes even eat their own (or other dog's) poops. I have never seen a dog grossed out by something. When I was home in Michigan over the holiday I was walking my dog and she picked up a stick, I went to get the stick out of her mouth and it was a half frozen Squirrel or chipmunk or something. Sick! Dogs have no shame and are down for about anything, except I guess farts. Maybe its because they usually get blamed for farts, or maybe because they have those super sensitive noses, I'm not sure. Here is Urlesque's top youtube videos of dogs reacting to farts.

Loving Anime

Well Sooorrrrrriiiieeeee! Gawd.

OK looks like what we got her Chief is your typical horrible Sorority girl who has sprayed the inside of her house with a fire extinguisher in an attempt to make it look like snow. Then what had happened was the fire alarms went off, and now everyone is mad pissed at her. I really can't sympathize with this girl (at least she said she will sweep it up?) but I can relate to the camera operator, it is mad hard not to laugh when someone is red faced and crying.

Apocalypse Meow

I am against war and stuff, but if there HAS to be war- why not let cute bunnies fight the bad guys? Btw what exactly are those bad guys? Llamas? Guinea Pigs?

Thursday Jam Day

Time for some tunes! Every Thursday you can count on comin up in here for a sweet, virus free (we have been tested) music download. Just click the photo above, today is a whole entire album. You're Welcome.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Elephant Never Forgets

Oh fine, you are probably saying to yourself. Just another Elephant 'trunk play' video. Nothing to see here. Everyone knows elephants have very accommodating b holes. Not so fast- this ending is like some M. Night Shamalyan level suprise.

Pooh Please

Shoot, please think about this before you click through to the uncensored version.

Wild Things

Whoops, there goes my eye twitch! That is just how excited I am for this. They better not ruin this. I do have a few reservations, I am not into the Urban Outfitters font going through the opening credits and also The Arcade Fire? What in the heck? Please Hollywood fat cats- don't make this the worst.

Whats Cookin Good Lookin?

This might be against FDA and FCC rules and regulations but do these two need their own show or what!?! They aren't as hairy as Emeril, so it might just work.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Woman's Touch

Just thought the blog could use some BIG OL BAZOOOMBA'S.
I also liked this gals smile. Norma Stitz

WHOOPS I Made My Day

THANK YOU The Internet! Really I could have used this on Monday, but I'll still take it. Look at this magical world of talking animals you guys. There is something to be said for searching Youtube with the terms 'cute and animals' and hitting refresh every 5 seconds. 
And guess what? This youtube clip is just a taste. JUST A TASTE! This is gonna be a movie. Thats alls I need in a movie really (it's what convinced me to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua [alone]).

Take A Look At Me

Hmm. Who couldn't use some coaching on interpersonal skills? I know I could. There just might be something to this new: listen, think and respond method. It sounds promising, and may work better then my current: cry, yell and hide method of dealing with colleagues and friends.
via Everything is Terrible

Do These Come in Size: Human Being?

The Poop Trap! Finally someone has invented a complex nylon harness that a person can fasten to his pet, attach a disposable plastic bag on the back, and once and for all ensure any bombs that might drop will never hit the ground. I don't see why this couldn't work on cats. 

Get In Shape For The Summer!

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I hate leaving my apartment zone, let alone my actual apartment. So when it comes to staying in shape, sometimes a lady doesn't feel like dealing with all the bros at her local gym and she would prefer to get her sweat on in a safe, private area. Is that too much to ask?
And you know people are always asking me: Joanne, How do you do it!?? How can you drink all those cokes and eat all them chips, never leave your apartment, and still be so fierce?
Well, I'll tell you what; this lady just spilled all my secrets...


Monday, March 23, 2009

Outfits On Thin Ice

Why isn't there Ice Skating with the Stars? I tell you why right now- because ice skating is hard. I have a small scar still on my chin from trying to perform a triple-axel that I saw in the winter Olympics when I was 5. Unfortunately, I forgot that most figure skaters don't tend to do this in the basement in socks, in front of the fireplace like I did.

2 Late Transman

Ut-Oh. Everything was going so good for pregnant transman Thomas Beatie: he had worldwide fame, was on Oprah, had his baby, finally got back on his hormones to help fill in his patchy goatee. Life was so good. And he was happy with his transman title. But now this Ruben Noe Coronado comes onto the scene- a YOUNGER transman who happens to be pregnant with TWINS! Can you believe this? Now Beatie can't even call himself THE transman anymore. Every ones gonna be like 'no no you're not transman- Ruen from Spain is transman, he's having TWINS'!
Now what the original transman needs to do for himself is find whatever doctor filled up Octomom's cooter with fetuses and get himself filled up with as many babies as possiable. And then go back on Oprah and be all 'Ruen from Spain WHO'?


If We Took A Holiday

Wow, its that time of the year again. Yep. Today is National Puppy Day. Seems like it was National Puppy Day just last week. Amazing how time flies. Today lets celebrate puppies and look forward to National Kitten day (not yet on the official calenders).

Fritzy's 90th !

David is so jealous

Just wanted to share a little sneak peak into life at our beloved bedford st. It was Fritz 90th b-day and everyone was psyched.
a little note on the terminology. when Gina says "jackin off" she is referring to when fritz absent mindedly ties her robe sash into knots. This is a common occurrence seeing as Fritz's main look is lounge wear. robes and such... Though she has some awesome flannels that pop up every once in a while. Lynn is dying to get her hands on the red plaid one.

In this clip. Gina (Queen of town) of course. Fritz (Gina's mom..the birthday girl). KC (Gina's friend ..she loves designer and always has expensive handbags) and Nancy who lives in the apt above the apt we used to live in. Nancy writes and she also dabbles in WOW. Amazing woman ! You can see Gina's cats. Coco is the plus size one with the diabetes and her other cat monkey is sleeping in the bed underneath the coffee table. Coco eats better than i do. Gina cooks for her..sometimes she gets ribs and pot roast. and fried chicken, yum yum.
Oh and i'm in there squawking..and jojo's on cam. We had pizza and cake.
the cake was mad good and was all airbrushed like a tropical paradise. Gina did a great job !

You Got Groomed

They said in Ratatouille a great Chef never reveals his recipes. I think thanks bologna because can't he just come up with new recipes that nobody knows? I know I can. You wanna know the secret to discovering the best videos on the internet? Its the Japanese word かわいい. It is pronounced Kawaii. Everybody knows the Japanese know two things really well: hardcore sado-masochistic pornography, and cute things.

Squackin Sweaters

Aw man- the Internet. Why did you have to go show me this? I was just googling for cute Grandmas- I didn't mean to find CUTE CHICKENS. And cute chickens wearing sweaters. Shoot.I got more then I bargained for. Now I'm gonna feel guilty all day as I eat my chicken (don't get it twisted, I will still be eating my chickens).

Terminator Secrets Revealed

Dag, Mondays would be easier if I had a robot hunk to do my bidding.

Animation Station

Suzie Templeton is a mad awesome animator who made a Peter and the Wolf short film that won an Oscar. No offense to the movie Coraline, but this is how sweet animation is supposed to look.


Some Benjamin Buttons Sh*t

Sneak a peek at the movie magic that made Brad Pitt mad old for  the Benjamin Button movie. I tell you what, I dont care how old Brad Pitt gets- he looks delish to me (even with that beret he is always wearing).


Its contest time! Well, actually the contest is over. At least this one is. The website Fecal Face (don't worry its SFW) hosts a weekly drawing contest that pits drawers from all over the country against one another, the only restriction is they have to DRAW from the same point of reference, in this case above, it was hamsters. CUTE!
I want to do the same kind of thig right here on this blog. Maybe we can give away free OHHAI Vintage clothes. But, since the only readers are Sarah and my Mom (I think my Mom is a better drawer than Sarah), it wouldn't be fair. Lets do this contest in June. Get ready the theme is: SASSY!

Meow Mix

Quit complaining about old people because they are racist or smell like a hospital or because they might remind you of your own mortality. Remember that they've reached the age where the don't give a hoot what you or anyone things. Old people are the best and can do whatever they want.
Maybe they do eat catfood, its because its cheap (great for those on a fixed income) and its easy to prepare.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Its no secret that we love Pee Wee's Playhouse. But besides the sweet cartoons and colorful characters, one of the most excellent parts of the show was the playhouse itself. I remember as a kid being convinced that actual playhouse existed (they had a sweet exterior shot of it in the opening, with the Sphinx on top and everything). This guy above, Gary Panter, is responsible for the awesomeness of the playhouse. Watch the entire series on him at VBS.

Rave Til Dawn part deux

Techno Viking is just like N*Sync. He got real popular all of a sudden, and then everyone forgot that really he was just a copy of an EARLIER viking! In N*Sync's case- that earlier viking was the Backstreet Boys. In the case of Techno Viking, it was Arnold. Get real Techno Viking, at least give Arnold some credit- he was a pioneer and everything.

Don't get me wrong though, in my book (I have a book on this) there is no such thing as TOO many muscle techno vikings. Alls I'm saying is give credit where credit is due. OK?


Friendship; There Is Nothing Wrong With It

Personally, I don't like close physical contact with friends or really anybody. But look how cute this Hippo and Tortise are. Why didn't I know about this unlikely friendship earlier? They even have a book based on them and dolls too! I guess these two have been friends for a while. Maybe I was too wrapped up in the whole Tiger nursing piglets story.


Chillaxin, Brosef

Shoot, more evidence on how cats have it made. Nobody is mad at them for crashing on the couch, laying around, looking at the web all day. Why has nobody has ever said "AW how cute" to me when I do this? And I do this all the time.
Cats wear it better again.


No Fair

Its not fair that Australia gets all the cool animals. Kangaroos, Koala bears and the Platypus, all in one country that doesn't do anything cool besides make Outback Steakhouses. Why can't America have some of those cool animals for once? All we have is a bunch of deer and squirrels.
Anyways, it was mad hot in Australia and here is a 'to die for' gallery of Koala bears getting their drink on.



Saturday, March 21, 2009

No Cats Allowed

On a routine google image search for "dogs wearing glasses" I found this, Brian Donnelly's collection of printed t shirts. I of course love rasta Chihuahua, then Pug in tuxedo, Boston Terrier in heart glasses- sheesh who am I kidding. I LOVE THEM ALL!

ps- peep this Flickr group, all dogs in glasses. I'm obsessed.


Rave Til Dawn

FACT: Soul Train could never be as sweet as the Barbie Dance Club. The Barbie Dance Club was something else, I remember watching it at Andrea Canine's house after school. I never liked Andrea too much but the two of us would bond over this video. Girl, we would get IN2IT, jamming and pumping clenched fists to the terrible music. Phew. Too bad I can't find the original Barbie Dance Club with the real music and everything, but this still takes me back.


TGIT Thank God Its Tuesday

Tuesday is cool due to the fact of that I get to watch Dancing with the Stars, AND Intervention. But TECHNO Tuesday- that is great. Ack! I think this is one of my new favorite comics (2nd still to Cathy). The illustrator, Andy Rementer, makes a point of showing how technological inventions can make life harder. I will agree with him halfway. I feel as though bluetooth headsets and iPhones are wack- and who needs them. But the Web, I think, is one of the greatest inventions and to paraphrase Joanna's mom- I hope to be surfin' the web till the day I die.
Techno Tuesday


Couch Potato

Hello forget the Slanket and the Snuggie, the Couch Dress is satisfying all my couch sitting needs. If you're a gal who isn't on the go, and you find yourself pretty much planted on the couch and looking at the tv, what better way to remain chic AND decorate your home at the same time?! Knitted with beautiful thick yarns in a to die for 70s palate this will defiantly have your guests impressed and wondering where the sofa cover ends and the dress begins.

Eye Spy

And another thing. Eyes that are looking different directions can be cute for animals, but usually this does not look very good on people. The only people I can think of that have looked good with these kind of crazy eyes are Kate Moss and Bernie Mac. The Shitz Tsu I grew up with named Heather had crazy eyes, but I feel like she always wore them with grace. I used to say she had one eye lookin at you and one eye lookin for you. Now looking at the pictures I think she also had bad cataracts, this is probably a bad look for anyone, animal or human.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fierce Jam Skating

i want to learn more jam skating facts


Get Down On It!

I can tell by the look in the dog's face that this is not the first time the cat has gotten up to this humping. It dogs could roll their eyes, I think this dog would be rolling his eyes. At least the cat has the decency to mash up on the dogs ears and be sensual and everything.


Cat Lady Wackadoodle

She lives in her Chicago apartment with her baby/cat Frieda, and alls she wants is to be an animal and eat tacos. Is that so much to ask? If her heavy breathing doesn't make you nervous then congratulations you are fearless. Maybe I am the wackadoodle here but doesn't she sound just like Patty and Selma from the Simpsons?


Who Wore It Better?

Sorry human being baby, I like the pumpkins on your booties but this one was an easy choice. Look at those paws! Cats rule!


Cat Hizz-ouse

There are two things that I get really upset about when I see them cast aside onto the street gutter.
#1.) Mattresses that you don't realize are covered in stains until AFTER you have carried it into your bedroom


#2.) Discarded cat trees

Seeing that just makes me think. And I hate thinking! Did their kitty pass away? Is she okay? 
I am choosing to be an optometrist because that is the kind of person I am. I have always been a "my glass is half drunk" kind of guy.
I am going to believe that the kitty's owner felt that the above cat tree was not cool enough and instead the owners upgraded kitty to this sweet cat house.