Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Loving cats isn't just a privilege for the wealthy elite, it should be a RIGHT, for all Americans*! Ya know too often people are judged harshly for loving cats, and this is no fair. There is nothing wrong with loving one, two- even eight cats. Look at the love in that picture. Can you tell me that's wrong?
Listen I'm taking back the streets (and the right to love cats) with these pics up in here, you'll be seeing more of them- so get used to it. And get to loving a cat!
PS if anyone wants to actually print out these CAT LOVE pictures and post them up and around that would be really sweet.

* I technically DO have a cat, but he does not live with me. Right now, and for the past few years he has been with his foster mother (Sarah) in LA because I moved to New York and couldn't take him with me. Also he ate my pet fish, (rest in peace Mr. Tickles) and it's taken me long time to forgive him.


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