Monday, March 16, 2009


Well this BLOG isn't even officially up yet but I wanted to post and have it known that I am working hard to make sure it is the sweetest cat inspired vintage clothing blog on! Seriously! 
Who am I? I am David and my skills are: eating really really fast, picking out sweet pictures of things on the web, watching youtube videos and making photoshops.
I am here to help because Sarah has been having mad problems making this blog and doing things right.  It wierd cuz she has plenty of experience surfing the web, but when it comes down to actually help MAKE the web- then she is ready to quit. Pshoooo.... 

Hey please be patient with Sarah because she is learning and she gets nervous and has stomach problems when people yell at her in the comments. She is also gonna do her best to help make the web as good as it can be. And it can be great!


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