Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cats Will Be Cats

"They start with a little bit of a terror look, and when they realize they can do it they become very proud of themselves."- that's what she said.
I have mixed opinions behind this. I tell you what, I am not beyond making an animal uncomfortable for the greater good of ultimate 2THEMAX cuteness (that's what pet costumes are all about) but does this cat water torture seem to go too far? Those cats look a little miserable and unlike dogs they don't wanna recreationally swim around the pool- these poor cats head right for the dry land. HELLO why is she recommending clipping their nails- because your cat will CUT you in an effort to heep his fanny OUT of the water. And they look pissed, not proud to me.
But then on the other hand- they look so cute wet!!!


Check out MaryEllen's page for yourself. How sweet is her web design by the way? Pretty sweet.

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