Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sarah beth inside the actors studio

hey everybody. I hope you like the blog. I guess things would look more fancy if we weren't busy doing sweet thangs in the outside.

Well anywayz. ..a little about you can see i am a lady.
Things i like are cats. duh and eating cheeseburgers..and surfing the web. who doesn't? hhhm cartoons, maryl streepe and taking naps. bad photoshop. hanging out with Gina, fire engines, dive bars...ghosts....morris day....and stuff.

I know you all are wondering. allow me to address the issue.
let's just say if you like malleable pudding filled water balloons....climbing tall ladders and bounce might like me.

So that's pretty much it. follow my blog if you would like to get to know me better. I must say i am exited to mention that we are planning to introduce you to some sweet ass plus size vintage. i'm talking the real deal.

so look forward to plus size Oh Hai Vintage.

It's coming real soon.

: ) Sarah

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