Sunday, March 29, 2009

Guest Blog: Get Back From Me!- By Angry Goose

Editor Note: Every once and a while we like to open the blog to reflect a point of view that you may not see in other places. So when Angry Goose reached out to us and asked to do a Guest Column, we happily agreed.

People do not fear us geese enough, I can tell you that right now. I mean... I'm not saying you guys need to run from us all the time. But can you keep your distance? Do not come traipsing through the park like you own the place. Especially if you see there is a ton of us- we are just chillin and we do not want you comin up in the mix. OK? So you brought bread? You think that means you can hang with us? I don't care if the ducks wanna eat out of your hand, you try that s- with us or the swans, you WILL get owned. Period. If you want, why don't you just throw that bread and leave? We will not hesitate to attack your butt. Grandma's, little kids, dogs, seriously we do not care, we will come after you. No joke. There is a reason there are over 700 videos on YouTube with the words 'Geese' and 'attack'. Next time you see a bunch of us just go the other way. I think I speak for all geese when I say we do not want.
-Angry Goose

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