Friday, March 20, 2009

Thanks David !

Boy am i lucky the web is like invisible. it just flies through the air and goes every were.
It's great mainly because when i get so mad sick that i cannot even look at the computer. (that's pretty sick) I love the computer. I don't have to physically go into the official offices of the web or nothing with my coffee mug and luna bar (food meant for ladies only). I can easily have someone jump in and go mad crazy on this shiz. you know..... back me up.
See it's almost like David got in here and peed on everything. filling up the blog with liquid goodies..capitalizing words while simultaneously claiming them as his own. Maybe it's a guy thing. what do you think ladies ?
I guess what i am trying to say is. Thanks for contributing Dave !
this buds for you. excuse me..... coors...
no wait scratch that... i forgot. you are on the south beach diet. also for ladies only.
wait or is it ?

Love, Me (Sarah)

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