Monday, March 23, 2009

2 Late Transman

Ut-Oh. Everything was going so good for pregnant transman Thomas Beatie: he had worldwide fame, was on Oprah, had his baby, finally got back on his hormones to help fill in his patchy goatee. Life was so good. And he was happy with his transman title. But now this Ruben Noe Coronado comes onto the scene- a YOUNGER transman who happens to be pregnant with TWINS! Can you believe this? Now Beatie can't even call himself THE transman anymore. Every ones gonna be like 'no no you're not transman- Ruen from Spain is transman, he's having TWINS'!
Now what the original transman needs to do for himself is find whatever doctor filled up Octomom's cooter with fetuses and get himself filled up with as many babies as possiable. And then go back on Oprah and be all 'Ruen from Spain WHO'?


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