Thursday, August 27, 2009

Amber Alert

It has been almost two month's since we have had contact with our darling firstborn David.

David was upset over the death of his idol and we now assume he has turned to the streets. We have been contacting all of the teen shelters throughout New York state with no luck. David if you are reading this please call us. Your mom's are worried about you. Joanne has taken our meager Oh hai Vintage profits to the race track and I've been hitting the juice. Hard. The family is falling apart.

David was last seen 7/23 at the Duane Reade on W 20th shop lifting 5 bags of jerky and a 6 pack of miller light. The stores security camera shows him wearing a black denim Fubu brand two piece with a gold embroidered bulldog on the back of the jacket.

Please contact us or the New York City Police if you see our baby. Do not try to approach David.
Missing Persons Description
athletic build
fair complexion
dark hair
brown eyes
lower back tattoo of a dark skinned pixie sitting on a yin yang.

We appreciate your help in this time of distress.
Thank You,
Sarah & Joanna

Saturday, August 15, 2009

This isn't aquard

Sorry ladies. Not so much. Good job on the matching shirts though.
You should have had a pizza party instead.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sarah's Movie Squawk Box Poop Shoot

Alright. alright I'm already over it.
Charlyne Yi. Get out of here. Get girl. Underrepresented and unloved my patootie. I don't feel bad for you. Not in the least. I can do the same as you accept wearing glasses, pants and no make up is not comfortable for my large and freakishly shaped body.
Isn't life just soooooo easy for you nerdy asian girls with bad vision?
Oh and who was the genius who decided to put Weezer in the Paper Hearts soundtrack ? That's truly Groundbreaking says the grumpy Troll. Yep it's all very sweet. bla bla bla. I think i'll acquire my cavities the old fashioned way by drinking lots and lots of soda. thank you very much.

Yeah ok well maybe i am going to go see the fictional documentary. Maybe by myself.
Hey me being a dateless wonder has nothing to do with being a cranky b. I'm sure It's because i'm tall and just Caucasian. To the nice guys in this town that's the equivalent to having the mouth herpes or something. : 9
It would be different if i was a man. I'd have it made. The world would be my opium den. I'd have ethnic bitches all up on my ish.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Duo's II

I was looking to do Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo from Super Mario Bros. the movie. But there was nothing but crappy no good screen cap pictures on the web. So i just went for generic couple style.