Thursday, April 30, 2009

NEW Oh Hai Vintage Items on Ebay !

Pop the bubbly ! Let's get this party started right y'all.
We are exited to announce that our very first batch of mad sweet vintage clothes and accessories are now available on Ebay. Yay ! You've always wanted to be kewl like us. Now you can. Just think you could own fashionz hand picked by us ! Can you believe it ?
No ? you can't? your dreamin ? wha ?
Yes believe it..because honey you ain't dreamin. This is for realz.
All kinds of goodies for all kinds of peeps.

Let it be known throughout the land of the web that Oh Hai Vintage does not discriminate.
For example. Have you ever seen class plus size Vintage ?
Yea that's what we thought. Neither have we. Well guess what babies? It's your lucky day because we got it going on right here. Unique items in sizes ranging from petites to plus and everything in between. We search high and low.. from all over Southern California to the back streets of Vegas. Wherever our passions for fashionz duth lead us. Only the best for our babies.

Awe ..ok ok. Now hold up. Theres no need to cry boys. We know you are a macho dude right ? And perhaps freakum dresses just aren't your style ?
Well bro don't be all bummin about it. There will be plenty of sweet ass mens stuff coming up real soon. Mmmm hmmm honey cause you know Oh hai Vintage loves us some menz.

And pleez when your on the Ebay don't forget to add us as a favorite seller. Because by golly there are plenty more more hot fashionz and accessories to come. So keep those peepers peeled for sure! You won't regret it.

Thanks Boo!

Sarah & Joanna


Click me to see this item on ebay ! (aka more pics for you pervs)

Click me to see this item on ebay ! (no dogs allowed)

Click me to see this item on ebay ! (will cuddle for beer)

Click me to see this item on ebay ! ( is hairless always better?)

Click me to see this item on ebay ! ( dis one is dedicated to 2pac)

Click me to see this item on ebay ! ( yea we know this is hot)

Click me to see this item on ebay ! ( whooooooo?)

Click me to see this item on ebay ! ( for normal or husky)

Click me to see this item on ebay ! ( now i'm pissed )

Click me to see this item on ebay ! (for moon walks)

Click me to see this item on ebay ! ( I got nothing to hide)

Click me to see this item on ebay ! ( twinkle toes )

Click me to see this item on ebay ! (cat on cat action)

Click me to see this item on ebay ! ( I can has dis dress ?)

Click me to see this item on ebay ! (yep these are glasses)

Click me to see this item on ebay ! ( you're dreamin )

Click me to see this item on ebay ! ( oh no she didn't !)

Click me to see this item on ebay ! ( is too kewl for skewl )

Click me to see this item on ebay ! ( not now. bring mom her franzia)

Click me to see this item on ebay !
( Hello, the galley! Fuckin’ jeroboam of champagne to the bridge immediately!)

Oh Hai Vintage is the product of team effort. We'd like to do a shout out to David ! Blogger Extraordinaire and number one top most special bestest art director of everything Oh Hai Vintage ! And wait there's more ! A massive gigantically obscene thank you one zillion times over to our buddy Daryl for helping us make the web ! (and for being so patient)

More listings coming soon ! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

If You Like It Then You Shoulda

Burgers! Everyone loves to eat em, put em on their heads, even wear them. Not suprising, the Japanese have figured out people want them as jewely too. Of course! The most brilliant part about this is the wearer can customize how she or he wants his burger. For me, no tomatos and if you're Atkins oriented, no bun.
Ring $192.00 (extra toppings around $32.00)
via Q.POT

What Day Is It?

Wouldja look at that, its jam day again. I guess that idea I had about posting every single Thursday went out the window. Oh well, to make it up to everyone (the two people reading this, hi mom) I have Sidechain's excellent remix of Madonna's Into The Groove. This is jumpin' and thumpin' mix alright, its best for club zone time. This is not something to listen to while riding a bike or giving you cat his eye medicine.

The Webs We Weave

How does a spider catch a fly? With its web. Well, a lady isn't born with a web, but she can get one (web dress) and catch herself a guy (or whatever she wants, no judgements). is really something you need to see no matter who you wanna catch. The site is kooky OK (there is a page that plainly informs visitors the bussiness is operated from a mobile home in a nudist camp). But some of the fashions on there are stone cold chic.As Gina says (this is one of her highest forms of flattery) 'it looks designer'. Though I am still not 100% decided on which menswear piece would suit me best.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not Funny LOLz

Who knows whats gonna turn up when I am googling around for "LOL". Not me. But one thing I didn't expect to find is Denna Warren and her excellent website that looks to be from 1997. I like Denna's site. I feel as though websites are becoming too fancy, people need to chill and get back to the basics java and .gif style.

You Can Be A Garbage Pail Kid!

Here I was racking my brains on what movie to look at, when Netflix (adding up all movies Joanna and I have seen and liked) decided to suggest Garbage Pail Kids the Movie! You know me so well Netflix. Of course I have already seen this movie a bunch of times but it still is sweet. Here is the soundtrack to the film, which is just as good as you would hope it is. REAL GOOD. One of the best lyrics is from the wild rock anthem You Can Be A Garbage Pail Kid and it goes 'they think we're ugly, they should look in a mirror, its not how you look its what you got in here. We're special and we're unique inside'. Words to live by Garbage Pail Kids.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"No Chicken, Or Are They Just Out of Chicken?" Right.

OK two things:
1.) Obviously it is the worst when you are going for fast food and they are out of your favorite thing. I'm a human being, I realize that. And I will be the first to admit all these people are heroes for trying to feed their families Popeye's famous New Orleans Cajun fried chickens. But lady, you don't need to yell at the speaker machine. You know people are filming you for TV right? Again- where is people's shame?
2.) More importantly: WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THESE ANCHOR WOMEN?! I know people come in all shapes and sizes okay. But seriously, that red head is a mega giant and I think the one on the right is mad mad MAD tiny.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Kitties List

FACT: Did you know every day hundreds of thousands of cats are tragically washed? Their voices silenced as they are splashed with water, at the hands of cruel people single-mindedly intent on cleaning their cat butts. The suffering continues with a blow dry and brushing. Can we agree to take a stand against this?

Now Thats What I Call Rap

If you think ventriloquist clowns who rap mad christian lyrics along side a monkey puppet companion are wackadoo, man, are you right. Listen to some of the wisdom Ribbons is laying down. Christian testimony like: " sickness, disease or tragedy to teach humble or get glory." What?! Maybe Sarah should start writing Christian raps because apparently you don't have to make sense or rhyme. She already has the silly glasses.

I Got Something Up My Sleeve

Japanese box cat has some competition now, its sleeve cat and she loves to worm her way into sleeves. From what I have seen on the Youtube page for this video, its causing a major controversy. Everyone is all worried the cat has been stuffed into this sleeve and there is some kind of animal abuse going on. Youtube commenters why can't you guys just enjoy a video for once? Youtube commenters, you guys always assume the worst. Cant you realize animals do cute thigs cuz they WANT to?!? Gahd.

Baby Mama Drama

Hey Octomom, sneak a peek at this. Still think having a s* ton of kids is no big whoop? Lady you wont be able to even go from one room to another without those sons of guns on your back like barnacles on a boat.

Its In The Computer

Aw, poor dog. He don't understand. Computers can be confusing! But the cat isn't confused, why she's just pleased as punch because cats know how to do computers.


People Hump The Darndest Things

Here they go again, wackadoodles, with their unusual sexual proclivities. Is there a single thing on the web that cannot be fetishized? No, there is not. (warning NSFW!)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good Manners

God having to eat meals with your husband sucks. It would be so much more enjoyable if i could eat my spaghetti next to a steaming stink pile of the most expensive gourmet cat food on the market. But for realz i give mad props to this lady. I have been trying to get the Duder to drink out of a crazy straw for months. I thought it would be a good gesture since we are going to the Republic of Mental Disease for our vacation this year. That place is the worst

And Oh Pleez ! Come on now Tessa who doesn't want to meet David Duchovny a.k.a David Duval ak.a Oprah ? Other then maybe the camera man who filmed this segment. Who has time to daydream about movie stars when you have the best job ever !


Saturday, April 25, 2009

God Takes The Good Ones

Heaven just got a little more sass. Bea Authur has passed away at the age of 86. Bea was a crucial influence in my early life, and watching her on Golden Girls at age 7, I was mad looking forward to the time I could be old just like her and not go to school. Just sit around on my wicker furniture in Florida, eat cheesecake and sass people with my witticisms. She made it all look so glamorous, especially in her drapey Rick Owenish tops. You sure did rule for the 86 years you were here on planet Earth, and you'll really be missed Bea!

Forgive Them God, They Know Not What They Do To Cats

Fact: animals are graceful and way cooler then any person will ever be. But does that mean it makes sense to dress up in giant animal costumes to imitate our four legged friends? Yes, it does sorta make sense. But when dressed as a giant 400lb wolf, do it in private- don't bring you cat into your nightmare world. Your cat isn't impressed, he is probably as creeped out as everyone else is on the web. And he is probably embarrassed behind his wackadoo person. A little shame would go a long way.


This Is A Fight

I know redheads are feisty but wow this orange cat sure is a pistol. Its like the black cat can't say a single thing without getting yelled at. Then again, maybe red isn't yelling. Riding the multi cultural M14 bus I have learned to consider that when one does not understand an other's language, it can be perceived as yelling. For them its just regular chit chat.


Friday, April 24, 2009

You're Fired!

As Martin remarked to Will Smith in Bad Boys 2, 'shit just got real'. Have things gotten bad or what? The Bronx Zoo is closing mad exhibits behind major budget cuts, and essentially firing a shit ton of hard working deer, bats, porcupines, foxes, lemurs, crocodiles and antelopes. Not OK. I'm not so worried about the porcupines, but what about the lemurs, they can't take care of themselves out on the streets of the Bronx.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Troubles with Troubles

This teen named his cat Troubles. squish. lolz..cute

p.s how dare you.

Not In My House, Not Around My Kids

WHAT? Now this? Gay people how are we a people ever gonna get all our civil rights with some gays going and ruining it for the rest of us, putting pictures on the web that show them humping RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR TERRIFIED MINIATURE POODLE?!?! Seriously you gross gays, this is a major setback. Thankfully its not just gays who get their gross on right in front of their pets, straights (or normals as they call themselves) have some blame to take on this one too. From what I can see, a couple of people are caught on this site doing it man woman style, with poor innocent babies watching with a mix of emotions that is equal parts fear and confusion. Animals should never see their person (or ANY person) naked. I speak from experience, once Joanna's cat caught me in 'a natural way' and she has never looked at me the same again. :*-( via

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

America's Cats Got Talent

The tag line says it best: A Live Band of Amazing Cats, Yes Cats. YES CATS! But seriously you guys I am not sold on this idea just yet. What is live about this? Also, I'm not one to judge (I am one to judge) but are they even PLAYING the instruments? It sorta looks like the white one is just confusedly stepping on the strings of the guitar. And where is the lead singer? What kind of music video leaves out the lead singer? The only cat who looks like he's got his act together is the piano player. Thank G-d for him, he was tickling the heck out of those ivories, I won't deny that. The real sweetness of this whole entire act is over at the site, Over there I found sweet pictures of Samantha the trainer lady, and her wierd animals like a Binturong (is that a real thing?) and a Kinkajou (pictured w/ Samantha herself above). I almost lost my mind when I saw Samantha's email on the website: Email names don't get no better than that.


Monday, April 20, 2009

This Is How We Do It

Finally a group of people who are getting serious about being animals, and in the process putting unused sporting goods equipment to use. I applaud this effort. I understand the hats pulled over their faces is a playful attempt at animal realism but it kinda looks like some sorta abu ghraib nightmare.
via Masala Time

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Humans on the Earth

Belgium is famous for its waffles, but apparently not enough has been said of its wackadoodles. Here is a fine specimen, and a great example of people who think they are animals. People who think they are animals (or PWTTAA) never seem to get into all the boring parts of animal life. Sure they love the costumes and walking weird like an animal, who wouldn't. But why don't they also get into eating gross animal food and sleeping on the floor or outside animal style. Real animal living requires commitment, and unless these PWTTAAs start getting real, they are just poseurs if you ask me (I know nobody asked me).


Summer Jam

Nice going advertising big shots, they really got me on this one. My eyeballs and ear holes are all def buying what this commercial is selling. But (as I am often saying) where are the kittens at? There is a critical deficit of kittens here.

via laughing squid


Don't get me wrong I love the Sunggie and the Slanket, who wouldn't? Its really freeing, wearing a blanket on the outside, with your arms freed from the boundaries set by traditional 'establishment' blankets. But now, finally, someone has taken this great innovation a step further and married the convenience of the wearable blanket with the practicality of carrying a infant around. Not bad at all. I don't expect to have any children of my own, but I do consider all cats my babies and would be so happy if someone invented a fashionable polar fleece top that would allow me to carry my babies around EVERYWHERE as I make my way through the world.
via urlesque

Smelling Butts

Tickle Torture

Is this even real? Is this some movie prop from the Michael Jackson auction? Youtube says thats a Slow Loris. Supposing that things like this exsist in real life, what is it doing in a dorm room? If its going back to college as part of some hair brained scheme, I think it would be a great subject for a movie.

via Buzzfeed


Who Wore It Better

via ONTD

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy 100th ! plushies rejoice

100 posts.
Not bad for a blog that technically hasn't launched yet.
Actually this honor should be David's...
but I've learned the hard way.......
when you snooze you loose.
So I will do the honors.
i wish i had a cigar and some hetero male company to celebrate this milestone.
and dang I had a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge but then i had to have my a gloria gaynor moment.
that bubbly needed to flow.
anywayz congratulations losers

some of my favorites are the hooved,water animals and ethnic. hey they have a baked clam and floozy flounder !
Plushtown USA

Friday, April 17, 2009

Are U Thr God?

At first, you think this is your standard big, mulleted guy in a sweater singing about the joys of the Lord and how he is 'fearfully made' whatever that means. No big whoop as far as internet videos go. But hang on, I wasn't so quick to dismiss this video, something told me there might be something special in store mkay. And you know what, I was right. At the 1:08 mark something named "Lil Markie" takes over and you realize that HEY this is (like Whoopie Goldburg in Sister Act) exactily what the church needs to get more people coming to service.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bestest Moments

One of many super precious highlights from david's visit was surprising Gina.The rest of the precious moments involved more Franzia or some shizzle.
We do love our bedford st.

Dogs of a Feather

Taxidermy is rarely cute. Most of the time its gross (but still sweet). I always liked those little sleeping cats that are sold in souvenir shops, the ones that are made of some kind of real fur. But these little mothers made by Emily Valentine are even sweeter, instead of covering the figures in mystery fur, its did up in feathers. Things just got a lot more whimsical and fanciful up in here.
via cakeheadlovesevil

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Babies are for everyone !

My constant sea sickness and David having to leave today makes me think about baby giraffe's.
I have been thinking about hugging them. I bet it would feel so cool.

yes i would like to do that very much.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hot or Not

This is wierd, and I can't decide if its cute or not cute. This is a basic filtering process of my brain: cute or not cute. The long eyelasshes and big cartoon feet equals cute. Sharp beak and huge nightmare eyes equals mad scary.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

D Day

Todays the day! I'm headed to LA for a much needed break. While I'm there I hope to just chill you know. I just wanna catch up with the gang, work with Sarah and stuff, maybe record some videos, you know just chill. It should be fun, and I'll be keepin the blog posted!