Wednesday, April 22, 2009

America's Cats Got Talent

The tag line says it best: A Live Band of Amazing Cats, Yes Cats. YES CATS! But seriously you guys I am not sold on this idea just yet. What is live about this? Also, I'm not one to judge (I am one to judge) but are they even PLAYING the instruments? It sorta looks like the white one is just confusedly stepping on the strings of the guitar. And where is the lead singer? What kind of music video leaves out the lead singer? The only cat who looks like he's got his act together is the piano player. Thank G-d for him, he was tickling the heck out of those ivories, I won't deny that. The real sweetness of this whole entire act is over at the site, Over there I found sweet pictures of Samantha the trainer lady, and her wierd animals like a Binturong (is that a real thing?) and a Kinkajou (pictured w/ Samantha herself above). I almost lost my mind when I saw Samantha's email on the website: Email names don't get no better than that.


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