Sunday, March 1, 2009

About Us

Hey der everybody ! Welcome to Oh Hai Vintage( the blog )
This blog is a place wur we here at Oh Hai Vintage can really just relax and be ourselves.
You know just hang out with our buds.... share some lolz.....speak our peace...and get to jibber jabbering about new sweet things.

Here is some vague information about us in Q&A form. Much like how my Grandma Faye formatted her pamphlet denoting the evils of the ADA.

What is Oh Hai Vintage ?

Duh . only the most awesomest new ebay store for vintage fashionz.

Who is Oh Hai Vintage?

Joanna Skumanich
Sarah Beth Lund
& friends

Who is Joanna Skumanich ? Sarah Beth Lund ?
& friends?

umm pretty much the kewlest people in town. You can check out our personal blogs if you want.

What is so special about Oh Hai Vintage ?

Well we pretty much search high and low to find the sweetest vintage clothing items and accessoraiz .....and den.............. we put them on the ebayz .......and den ...... you can win them..........and den..... everyone will be mad jealous of you.
because hello ? who is the kewlest teen on the block ?
Umm you are.

Where do we find such sweet thangs ?

We spend many hours/days/years combing thrift stores for jems. Primarily in Los Sngeles, Los Angeles county, Palm Desert and beautiful Las Vegas!
And it's all for you !

Why do we use such poor grammar and odd spellings ?

Cause when you are cool you can do whatever you want. you should know this already.
haven't you ever heard of the web ?

Will Oh Hai Vintage be my bff ?

Maybe..what will you give us?
no for realz ....We love the webz. and are all up onz.
check us out on ebay, myspace, facebook and twitter. Even follow us on youtube.
You can find these links and thangs in our profile.

Can You call us sometime ?

No way !
we don't give out our number to just anyone ! how dare you?
but i guess an email would be fine. you are kind of cute.

contact us at

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