Monday, March 23, 2009

Fritzy's 90th !

David is so jealous

Just wanted to share a little sneak peak into life at our beloved bedford st. It was Fritz 90th b-day and everyone was psyched.
a little note on the terminology. when Gina says "jackin off" she is referring to when fritz absent mindedly ties her robe sash into knots. This is a common occurrence seeing as Fritz's main look is lounge wear. robes and such... Though she has some awesome flannels that pop up every once in a while. Lynn is dying to get her hands on the red plaid one.

In this clip. Gina (Queen of town) of course. Fritz (Gina's mom..the birthday girl). KC (Gina's friend ..she loves designer and always has expensive handbags) and Nancy who lives in the apt above the apt we used to live in. Nancy writes and she also dabbles in WOW. Amazing woman ! You can see Gina's cats. Coco is the plus size one with the diabetes and her other cat monkey is sleeping in the bed underneath the coffee table. Coco eats better than i do. Gina cooks for her..sometimes she gets ribs and pot roast. and fried chicken, yum yum.
Oh and i'm in there squawking..and jojo's on cam. We had pizza and cake.
the cake was mad good and was all airbrushed like a tropical paradise. Gina did a great job !

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  1. why is this not tagged with TO DIE FOR?!! I wish I was there, thanks for covering the 'thats what she said' moment in my absence.