Friday, March 5, 2010

Have you seen my childhood?

Uh I didn't know if you guyses knew this but Captain EO is back and i'm losing my shite.
Disneyland did not know what the hell they were doing when they savagely destroyed The Magic Eye theater along with the most dazzling 3-d attraction ever made. I grew up in that mother f*kr. I thought i would never get those days back again... jamming Easter egg glitter on my eyeballs with Angie while ridding the monorail into the park. A ritual preparation for the extravaganza of the senses that is EO.
I will die if I don't go to Disneyland soon.
Seriously i'll kill myself.
I'll put on my whip warrior costume and hang myself while simultaneously choking on sour cherry balls. Similar to what Carradine did but with a Disney twist.
Depression hurts. Captain EO can help.

Next will be a petition to bring back the Soap Box Racers and Whirlpool at Knott's Berry Farm. That's if the whole suicide thing falls through.


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