Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stupid French People

This video brings me to a topic I have been looking to broach for weeks now. So I'll just go ahead and broach it. Lets be clear, I'm not I'm a hater, I'll say that right now. I recognize this video is from the 70s or some shit, and thats part of the reason it looks wack. But there is a bigger problem with this video, a problem that goes beyond time, and I'm gonna talk about it, and in examining this problem we have to look an even bigger problem, France.

OK back to the video. lets consider the video. The costumes, wack, the special effects, wack- but I will give a PASS to both these issues of wackness due to the fact that this video was made in the 70s. This is also sort of how 70s American TV shows looked. The real problem is what the heck kind of Star Wars spoof (I'm being generous here) leaves out Han Solo or Obi Wan Kenobi?! I dont even know who those characters are, I think one was Harrison Ford, but I'm not sure, anyway I know that there was more to the story then that robot and Darth Vader! French people either get it right or make your own entertainment. That is the problem!

Which leads us to the bigger issue, France in general is wack. Here are some FACTS

French men often have gay ass names like Marie
French people all smoke a ton, and do it everywhere
The French are wusses and have lost about every war they were involved in
They have created no good TV shows ever, they are all unfunny
I could go on, but this isn't Xenophobic Vintage. Its OHHAI VINTAGE, so I will work on finding more videos and pictures that relate to fashion and animals.


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  1. David, this video is German!!! and Germany sucks the bag