Friday, June 5, 2009

Guest Column time... Horanges ?

Editor Note: Every once and a while we like to open the blog to reflect a point of view that you may not see in other places. So when Lynn Shawcroft reached out to us and asked(begged )to do a Guest Column, we happily agreed.


I was telling a friend the other day about my favourite* Family Feud episode.
During the QuickMoney round the question was: "Name a food that begins with H"
It makes me laugh so hard.
Yet..hmmm, even as I was telling him about it, I had that weird feeling you get when you tell a story that you aren't quit sure is real or made up.
I don't think it happened. Nah...not even close. Somehow, somewhere I have made up an episode of Family Feud where a question and answer involving Horanges! exists.
I'm not sure why this provides me with comfort - and meaning. But it does. I guess I prefer to live in a world where someone can say "H'oranges!" confidently into a microphone to win money. It fills in the lonely cracks of our existence and gives me hope.

I also like the idea that the brain can make up weird game show bloopers to pass the time...and then convince the same brain that it's real.
Thanks for having me OH Hai!

Lynn Shawcroft
* I'm Canadian.

See Bellow For Oh Hai Artist Interpretation.

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