Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Swan. Where are they now ?

No really where are they? Everybody knows we freaking loved The Swan makeover show on the FOX network. Enough to go to the season finale Pageant. Which was outrageous on so many levels. I can guarantee that these ladies were the real deal. They were walking around in pageant gowns as their families sat outside the sound stage eating Cheetos and making glitter signs. This was no joke. The best part was the swimsuit competition. They all had heavy duty pantyhose on ! loved it.
The Swan was sick twisted and absolutely amazing. And now ? Where the heck are those Swan beauties? Why no updates on the Tyra show? they just disappeared.
I have been desperately searching the interwebs for recent pictures. Contestants facebook accounts? anything ? I've had little luck.
I'm still not satisfied.
WTF ! This is what it is for. Oh Hai Vintage is desperate for more contestant updates.

Cindy Ingle Now

Beth Lay Now !

* Sarah

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