Saturday, June 27, 2009

Web TV Freak Out Freak Zone

Whoops we went on web TV. Yup Fashion Designer, Sara Lund and someone else went balls out and showed our faces on the web to the max extreme. Amanda and Maria have a show called Late Night lemonade on we figured why not? It was pretty fun. No regrets.
You have to realize it was a first for JoJo and myself. So please forgive us for jibba jabbin and fidgeting around like nervous teens. We must say Amanda and Maria looked mad hot in our Oh Hai Fashions. Therefor we consider the show to be a complete success.
They looked so freaking good you could pretty much watch this with the volume off.

Late Night Lemonade - Fashion

Watch This Episode on

Well Did it pay off? Hellz yes We had a whopping 3% raise in blog hits. Wowza ! And like 2 people had stuff to say about it. Smello ? It was our first time on live cam so please forgive our nervous hands and awkwardness. Come on guys It's hard to do a web show without the king of pop.
Sigh I had always assumed everyone enjoys our charming nonsense but now i realize we are probably living a lie.

Special thanks to our friends Lynn Shawcroft and Zack Kahn for dominating the IM ! Yous guyz ruled. And thanks again To Maria Blasucci and Amanda Faye Lund for having us !

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  1. i thought u guys srsly killed it!! all those looks and moves - what was not to gag on!!
    good work ladies...u turned it out