Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Aye ! Get With The Program

If you aren't in the loop by now it's likely that you are some kind of fanatical Christian or foreign or something.
Advice With Gina is pretty much the hottest page on Facebook. You can communicate with a web celeb and not even have to buy nothing. She's sort of the most important person in our lives..and it's not because she stuffs our mouth holes with bear claws every chance she gets.

"Advice with Gina is A cornucopia of relevant information." New York Times

"Gina knows my body, and I can't get enough" John the Landlord

"Finally someone who knows what cat's really need.
They need fried chicken from *EXPLETIVE* Vons... cut into little tiny pieces and mixed with Chicken Temptations in a large bowl.
It's called flavor notes, duh Bitch" O ! Magazine

"Gina always knows which Bachelor contestant is the biggest skank and what gas station to go to for the cheapest cigarettes. A true los Angeles insider." LA Weekly

So go ahead get on yer Facespace and get your Gina on. Cause if your not in it to win it. We pretty much don't want to know your ugly face.
Hey, this could be you....



  1. if this posting had a 'likes' I would 'likes' it! Awesome job Sarah, using bold, italics,even making sense with your words. Your mom and me are real proud of you.

  2. show your face Anonymous, SHOW YOUR FACE!

  3. Thank you. i still got it. Sometimes


  4. If 'it' is a giant box of fun sized Snickers from Costco, then yeah you still got it. And everybody knows you keep it under your bed.