Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sex Offended

I remember as a kid, an adult telling me that every child had a twin who was somewhere else in the world. Another version of you, he or she might be in China or Africa, but would be your age and pretty much exactly like you. This proved adults are full of lies.
You may never find your twin, but one cool and fun way to find a person related to you at least by name, is to search your name in the online directory. Here is what you do:
1) go to
2) in the last name (required) field, type in your FIRST name, leave other fields blank
3) click search
4) look at all those registered sex offenders


  1. I am an only child... growing up I always wished and prayed for a sister... today that wish came true. I can't wait to bring her and her gerbil farm home. Thank you Oh Hai, thank you.\64712354450SANDEA.jpg&db=LASXAN&ed=215&id=CC&dlnumber=CC&dlstate=CC

  2. FYI your sister and her gerbil farm cannot reside within 500 meters of a elementary school or public park w/ playground, just sayin