Monday, February 15, 2010

Pollock and Pollock

I don't like to make a big thing of it or nothing but I was raised without a lot of the luxuries you guys probably took for granted. We didn't even have cable TV in our house 'til I was in probably 3rd grade.
But I survived, I watched a lot of Golden Girls and Canadian Public Access TV. Canadian Public Access was actually really pretty sweet, most of the people talked normal without those weird accents, and there was a considerable amount of shirtless dancing men (which even at age 6, I wasn't mad at okay how you doin).
This Pollock and Pollock show was really excellent, check out their Late Night Lemonade segment pretty kewl right? And wow Liberace. Its pretty incredible that they were actually able to get him on there. Of course his body is hideously wasted away from AIDS, but how brave of him to perform without a shirt. Make you think ya know.

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