Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Haters Gon' Hate

If the Internet is good for one thing, its finding adult oriented pictures that appeal to your specific and unusual tastes. If its good for TWO things, its for finding adult oriented pictures, and addressing the haters.
Everyone knows haters love the Internet. They are usually on there looking for those adult oriented pictures, and when they aren't doing that, they are hating on things. It was only a matter of time before one of these haters surfed over here to this blog. Well its finally happened. Now I want to take a moment to break my silence about the anonymous commenter who has brought his or her hate to our little corner of the web. You know what, this hating stuff might be fine on youtube or 4chan, but not here. This; is a safe space. I will not be intimidated. I will not quit blogging and I will keep doing this forever no matter what (until I quit, but it wont be because of haters, it will be because medicating my sick cats takes up all my time).

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