Sunday, February 7, 2010

"You Know What!!"- Ginger

Is this getting old? No, it isn't. Our Ginger buddy is still on top of his YouTube game. He's brought some entirely new elements to the table in his latest video YOU KNOW WHAT. Lets consider what he is doing here.
1) Hes now in a new location, change is neat! Not sure where he is, but I will say that fence casts a lovely cross hatching shadow across his basketball shaped face. I'm guessing he isn't far from the original location because you can hear his yelling once again upset the neighbors dog.
2) Hes got a new exclamatory sound effect! I will describe it as a mix of a rasberry you would blow on the belly of a cat, and the sound a horse makes when anxious. He is still yelling, he didn't quit that. But this new sound fits nicely into the mix.
3) Almost crying. Hes done this in earlier videos, but now he is really dialing it in. Almost crying is a critical skill as a teen nerd guy. It allows you to express sincerity while staying on the right side of the crying fag line. Thats a line you dont want to cross.
4.) So many feelings! Besides the almost crying there is more emotions going on here then ever before. I feel like I just rode a roller coaster of emotion, and I had my hands up the whole entire time! RAGE turns to sadness, then an earnest plea, vulnerability and humility, then more RAGE AND ACRIMONY! If saying 'that deserves an Oscar' weren't such a tired cliche, that is exactily would I would say. When will YouTube get its own award show? I hope before 2012.

So in conclusion, unlike American Pie IV, this is just as good as ever, good material, compelling presentation-its really what great YouTubes are all about. Still he hasn't yet presented any evidence Gingers really do have souls, but I'm guessing he is saving that for later.


  1. ...of all people to be talking about 'basketball shaped face'[s]
    just sayin'

  2. ah that has to be Joann

  3. EVERYONE IS A SUSPECT! This is just like a murder mystery train ride, except its a blog with an exceptionally cruel commenter.

  4. Not me!!
    Dun dun dun...