Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh Hai IRL

Believe me we love the web. That's why we keep david in a cage in our attic with a bowl full of chicken bones..some temptations a few squeaky toys and a high speed modem.
So that we never miss a beat ! But sometimes yes we do wander into the outside world to do fun things and support our friends.
It's Oh Hai in action !
The other night we hopped up the street to the Standard Hotel to listen to our buds do a little relaxed jam session. I was put on official cam bixness and documented the playing of the music with a real life video camera ! Yea huh i did it. I can put that on my resume.
Joanna also grabbed a few pix and took a shaky little vid of her very own for our modest blog. At least you can hear a bit of the sweet sounds. check it.
Awesome jam job ! And super sweet guitar playing (and freakin hot outfit) Smangeline !

Presenting Adam and friends !
Music composed by Adam Tullie.
Friends= Devendra Banhart , Greg Rogrove , Luckey Remington ,Angeline Rivas

While your on the web be sure to check out Angeline and Adam's line. Cavern Collection blog.
or stop by the store in real life.
1645 las Palmas Ave.
Hollywood, Ca


Oh Hai Vintage does not condone smoking. We just think it looks kewl.Angeline had on some sweet pieces. Uncluding this hot Oh Hai Vintage JacketI just made hand gestures and freak out faces all nightWhoops

jam some more

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