Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Living in New York, I've grown used to seeing celebrities. I have seen that one guy from big brother a few times at my neighborhood coffee shop, and I one time saw former MTV guy John Norris at a gay bar. But at my low rent gym, I never thought I would see a celebrity there. I was winding my own bees wax, doing leg presses when a certain older lady plastic surgery face wearing spandex capri pants caught my eye. Let me tell you what she was THIN. I mean mad thin. Not even Dolly Parton skinny, more like Goddess Bunny Skinny. Anyway after working myself up (and after I convinced myself it was Amanda Lepore) I finally went up to her. I mumbled some stuff that probably didn't make sense about loving her new music video (watch the video, it is kinda sweet). She seemed a little confused but nice enough.
Well the moral of this story is basically: Stars- they're really not just like us

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