Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh Hai does My House

Sometimes you just gotta club. And of course Oh Hai Vintage does not discriminate when it comes to outrageousness. We say bring it on.
In small doses please.

So ok yes every once in a while. Yea we do it. We Club. Sometimes you just have too. It's always worth it. always.
So JoJo was all like. "hey let's check out My House... It will be most excellent outrageous." And i'm all like. "you never want to go to my house because i don't have HBO or nothing" but then i quickly got hip to it.
Our buddy David Schneider from the good ol beauty bar days does Wednesday nights at this most ultimate nightclub. Gotta love him.
So you know right My House is this club that is supposed to look like someones luxury home. But when you are inside you really can't tell because it's packed full of tanned glitter top babies and cologne saturated clubbin dudes. Do you know what place i'm talking about ? It's one of the sound stages where they film the Hills.

Ha Ha boy let me tell ya it was excellent. Lucky for us we did spot a handful of genuinely fierce fashionz. Which was shocking within the midst of "fashion"looks that just made us crack those ' yes yes yes i'm Lovin it" smiles all over the place.
Excuse me busboy we need a clean up in the champagne room. There's Christian Audigier throw up all over some guys affliction man blouse. Could somebody get some seltzer water? and some turpentine?. thanks. Oh wait that's on purpose. whoops nevermind.
Anyways sometimes living in LA you either gotta suck it up and party like a Lohan and or actually get yourself in a position where you can watch a Lohan party like a Lohan IRL. Does that make sense? It rounds out the seasons.

Just the usual you's guyses. no big whoop.

Angeline made it out alive and is lookin fine

Also does anyone know what the heck is up with Brody Jenners GF's face? Is that natural or plastic surgery ? Beautiful girl and hot body right. But In person it's like Jedi mind tricks. Is she 35 ? 29 ? ..what she's 23 ? say what ? Apparently Brody and his playmate actually do live at my house. I should have known after seeing the luxury monogrammed BJ bath towels in the restroom.
Ack and sorry David no Speidi. It must have been their night off. Just like the buzz light years and daffy ducks at Disneyland... The reality personalities..(if you could call them personalities) do their clubbin in shifts...and can only take their heads off in the break room.
But there was that other LC guy..the Jason Wahler? squawk ? I am getting these names to faces from the webs... not from personal knowledge of mainstream celebrity randoms of course.
Club life and Grey Goose 4ever !


man snoods
men in lady vests
dirty looks
handsome bartenders
tourists clubbers
fake tots
over accesorizing
huge ass security dudes in nice suits
lots of stairs
wide chairs
white people

Grabbin Bougies

Cassidy in super hot vintage gave Nicolas this sweet Alexander Wang Sweater

Super fierce Spoilt Girl Chiedza

Kim had on this vintage sailor skirt. super cute Cap e tan

I have no friends. i club alone

These guys have very nice tastes in shoes

Clubbin peek a boo

We miss D Schneider's face.
Hey down there Vodka soda's and Vicodin for everyone !
Table service of butts

Clubbin people do it on this bed

We don't care


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