Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The first batch of clothes is up on Ebay and while I see a bidding war in the works over some items, others haven't been bid on yet. This is your chance you guys! Swoop down like a pidgeon on a french fry, its your's for the taking!
As Kenny Powers might say, let me f*ck you up with some knowledge. Clockwise from top right:

This lovely blue skirt is perfect for a professional plus sized lady (and what lady dosn't wanna be professional?) It even has an elastic waist- you do the math. = 2 DIE 4!

Is this the freakum dress Beyonce wrote 'Get Cha Freakum Dress On' about? Maybe, I' just sayin' it could be. And that diagonal stripe is MAD slimming. Wear it and youll kinda look like a sassy sexy beer.

This Young Attitude sweater may not be cashemere but it is a class wool. With the wide open neck and open armholes you wont be mad hot, you'll be mad kewl.

Nothing can beat the drama of a cape, and if you pop the collar- Oh my gawd, Drama! You will win an Oscar.


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