Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bottoms Up

Crazy pants are the right of every golfer, in the same way that Halloween means girls can dress like sluts or Christmas means people can get in the holiday spirit wearing a Santa hat from the 99 cent store. But not everyone wants to wear those pants. I used to golf in highschool but never got into crazy pants. I think maybe to wear wack stuff like those pants, you have to be super rich, and we just didn't have enough money. If you have enough money, you can convince yourself anything looks sweet. That's how Lily Pulitzer makes so much skrill selling her hideous printed dresses to peeps in the Hamptons.


  1. her stuff reminds me of my home ec jr high fashion show at brethren christion. yea i knew mark from TGIF's step by step. he was in my jr. high. so whut. i went to high school with stephanie tanner and d.j from roseanne. you want to fight about it ?

  2. fine christian. i'm tired
    god !

  3. is it a bad thing i yelled "schwing!" when i saw those pants?